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                                                 Stele 5: The stele by the stream
                         It lies beside the Mai Hejja stream, broken into three parts, with front and rear base–plates still intact. The stele had an estimated total length of 15.8m. It is carved with a six story design on three sides, whereas four double rows of squared monkey–heads are shown on the back. Curiously, they do not correspond to the store design of the other sides. When the archaeologists of the Deutsche Aksum Expedition (DAE) examined it in 1906, they forwarded the hypothesis that the pattern was changed at some point, possibly when an originally larger and partly carved stele broken down and its upper part was re–used for Stele 5. A longitudinal rectangular recess is carved on the front and back sides of the stele up to the bottom of the fifth story windows. The head has a band of T–like decorative patterns just below the inset surface, perhaps, representing supporting columns for arches that have almost completely faded except for the first two Ts on the right. The decoration of the base–plate is very similar to that of Stele 4.