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                                             Central zone
             The executive director Ato Welday kidanu conducted an effective and fruitful discussion with Ato Tewelde Gebretsadik, the Administrator of the central zone on cultural issues. During the discussion Ato welday stressed that then ancient civilization of Axum in language , avts, architecture, sculpture, craftsmanship and values should be preserved studied and learned in order to prevent cultural invasion. He also expressed that the cultural Association of Tigray (CAT) has designed a long term and strategic plan to build the capacity of the new generation especially students. So far the association has conducted minilar discussion with administrators of Mekelle town, western zone Eastwestern zone and Eastern zone. Consequently, 300,000 students have joined the Association. Similarly, Ato welday confirmed that there is an intention of mobilizing and organizing students to join the Association and it was agreed that every one would work hard for the development