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                            Martyrs Day was Colorfully Celebrated in Mekelle.
The Cultural Association of Tigray in collaboration with Mekelle Zone Administration colorfully celebrated the 24th Anniversary of the martyrs Day in Mekelle city by making different preparations.
     People from all the seven administrative areas of Mekelle students , civil servants members of the defense forces and marsh Band Walked to Martyrs Avenue. After the silence for memory, the students of Elshaday Kindergarten conducted a song. Moreover the marsh Band displayed different shouts that remember the martyrs. After that Ato Niguse Gebre, the mayors of Mekelle Administrative Zone, delivered a speech. Ato Niguse in his speech noted that if we achieve our five year plan of Growth and Transformation plan it would be the great success for which our martyrs gave their dearest lives. Our martyrs gave their lives to overthrow the dictatorial regime that demined our people not to rise their culture, language and get justice. For this purpose, our martyrs went to the forest to bring this peace, development and democracy. We the members of this generation have to safeguard all the achievements gained so far. We renew our promise to fulfill the goals of our martyrs that is peace, development and good governance , he said. Finally, lighting of candles was started by Ato Tewodros Hagos, member of the polis bureau of EPRDF, and Head of the TPLF office. Carrying the lights of candles the participants of the celebration marched to the streets of the city with this the celebration come to an end.