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                                                                                   Return of Axum obelisk
The 7th Anniversary of the return of Axum obelisk was colourfully celebrated at maiweini school, Mekelle.
The return of axum obelisk was head in April 2005 and April is the cultural week for the cultural Associatin of Tigray accordingly the cultural week is beling celebrated at different universities colleges, and schools. Based on this, Maiweini number two campus has colourfully celebrated the 7th anniversary of the return of the obelisk of axum by preparing different cultural shows such as cultural dances, poems, golf, questions and answers. All teachers, the director of the school reminded the community that we should conduct research in the anaient obelisks that are the heritages left by our ancestors and have a good knowledge about the heritages.
Finally, the guest of hohour, head of organizing and mobilizing section, Ato Abraha Hishe said that the Axum to oblisk was returned due to effective efforts of diplomacy of our government and in reminded that it was in the month of April 2005 that, after 68 years, the obelisk was brought to its birth place. He also expressed that the youth should know its history and keep the culture infact so that it can be transferred to the next generation. The cultural Association of Tigray, together with the community will work hard for the transfer and conservation of cultural heritages.