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                               The CAT is working hard to increase its members
      The Cultural Association of Tigray is working hard to incease the number of its members. Accordingly, at the central and Eastern zone in seven woredas members of schools are registered to be full membeers of our Association.
The following are among them.

  •     Abbi Addi town = 5,000
  •     Adigrat town = 23,000
  •     Abergelle = 20,000
  •     Werileke = 36,000
  •     Mereb leke = 17,000
  •     Erob (Alitena) = 7,500
  •    Ahferom = 48,000

A total of 156,500 students and teachers have joined the Cultural Association. Each one was given an identification card of membership. The magazine which is prepared by the Association was given to all the schools. Other leaflets, T-shirts and posters were also distributed. A fruitful discussion was also held with the heads of the district Education sector an the necessity of culture. As schools are the roots for any development culture should be given a special attention by the schools. The cultural visit was concluded fruitfully according to the report from organizing and mobilizing section of the cultural Association.