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     The Tigray Culture Association Establishes culture committee

 The Cultural association establishes the squad of culture in the 33rd years of its establishment.The motto of the squad is the Meles campaign for extraordinary leap in development. It is expected that the cultural squad will play its role in preserving the culture of our fore fathers and passing on to the next generation. Based on this principle, the office has established different subcommitteethat give technical supportto enhance the capacity of the members of the squad

 The committee was composed of different states holders that can contribute to the given professionalresponsibility and love for the professional . The membersof the sub committee vowed to contribute theirat most effort for the success of preservation and development of our culture.

 The subcommittee will prepare its own tor and would act accordingly. Finally, the sub-committee promised to enhance and work handin glove withTigary Cultural Association and contribute to the improvement of the living condition for the people and would implement of the living condition of the people and would implement theGTP of the visionary leader, meles zenawi which will play a pivotal role in socio-economic transformation of the country. The sub-committee also expressed that it would act according to the actron plan of the cultural associationof Tigray.