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                                                                  Khokholo Yohannes and Mikael Ara
Khokholo Yohannes
The village of Khokholo, situated 8km west of Mekelle, is best known for the cave of Abune Abreham and church of Khokholo Yohannes. It is endowed with four springs, which flow throughout the year, that enable the villagers to grow varieties of fruits and vegetables. Tradition holds that a monk named Abune Abreham hewed the pumice cliff and created a prayer room. This room has been covered by magnificent paintings similar to those found at Debre Tsion. But due to the porous nature of the rock, a tiny part of the painting is only visible.    
Mikael Ara
Located 8km east of Adi-gudom town, the church of Mikael Ara was built over one hundred years ago by Emperor Yohannes, in gratitude for the help given him by the inhabitants of the region when he had been forced to go in to hiding during the reign of Emperor Theodros II. The church has a castle like structure with refined masonry work. Two cruciform wooden pillars support its ceiling. The inner part, decorated with fine timbers, is very attractive. The church has its interior dressed with cloth decorated with painting of Saints and Angles.   The church also houses manuscripts, gold and slivers crosses, woods bearing murals as well as other valuable artifacts.