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Address goes here Mekelle Tigray 791 Ethiopia

Phone: 250914700638 , executive director

Fax: 034-440-74-01

Mobile: 034-440-7308 , 034 440 4815 , 034 441 7819


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Other information

Other information:

The Cultural Association of Tigrai was officialy inaugurated and registered as a local NGO in 1995,to promote cultural development in the National Regional state of Tigray .Its head office is in Mekelle,with branch offices in the sub regions and in Addis Abeba.Membership is open to all, irrespective of their political affiliation, religious background or ethnic identity.The Association aims at playing a catalytic role for the strengthening of the indigenous capacity of the people in the development of their tangible and intangible useful heritage and their protection and conservation through awareness creation, promotion and advocacy.