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                                                                    Humera Cluster
I.General Description
Humera Cluster is situated to the West of Tigrai. It comprises Part of the woredas of the administrative Zone of Western Tigrai: The town of Humera, Wolkait, Tsegede, and Kafta-Humera.  It is known for the natural heritages and the Kafta Sheraro National Park and the wild life and Birds Sanctuary it has around the Tekeze River.
II.A Brief Description of Tourist Attraction Sites
Sheraro Amphi-Theatre
Sheraro Amphi Theatre is one of the attractions found in the town of Sheraro. The Amphi-Theatre has been built up by the public to serve as a gathering place and performance stage of the popular srtauggle launched by TPLF to overthrow the then Military Regime, the Dergue. Depending on the weather situation of the area, it is very hot; many mass gatherings and events are conducted in this place.
The north western and western zones of Tigrai are the first sites where TPLF has organized itself. During the figt against the military regime, every movement has been planned and evaluated in an organized manner. Abera, a site under the Semien Mountains, was the first site where the First TPLF Congress was held. It is then that the organization has practically organized itself to confront the military regime.
Bet-Mulu Ancient Palace: 
There is an ancient palace with a Gonderine style of construction situated just closer to the Wolkait Monastry. Bet- Mulu is believed to have been serving as a transit point of the Slave trade from Gonder and Tigrai to the Sudan or otherwise.