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                                                           Maichew Cluster
I.General Description
Maichew Cluster is situated in Southern Tigrai. It comprises the woredas of the administrative Zone of Southern Tigrai: The town of Alamata, Raya Alamata, Raya Azebo, Ofla, The town of Korem, The own of Maichew, Enda Mehoni and Alaje. The Highest mountain peak is recorded to exist in the Cluster; Tsibet 3935 meters above sea level and the lowland area is a very hot one. It is known for the natural heritages it has and some built and hewn churches as well as living cultures and archaeological sites.
II.A Brief Description of Tourist Attraction Sites
Lake Hashege
The picturesque lake Hashenge is situated 8 km away north of Korem on the left side of the main road to Mekelle. This beautifully nature set Lake is believed to be created due to volcanic eruption, and covers about 1668.124 hectare and 19meters deep. The lake is crowned with recently unearthed   archeological site of Mefsas Bahri marked by hewn stones and few rock pillars incised with crosses. This archaeological site, therefore, suggests that the loyalty underwent an early civilization. The lake also hosts endemic and Euro-Asia and Africa migratory birds.
The gentle slope that edges the lake in the north east has its back covered with an indigenous forest of Hugumbirda that hosts endemic and Euro-Asia and African migratory birds. The summit rimming the surprise in the east twists into a slope, mostly covered with an indigenous forest. The wood-land called Hugumbirda, broken into various chasms is an enchanting place full of wild plants, animals as well as wonderful bird species. The hills jutting out of the trees let viewers watch a variety of birds shuttling over the air and simultaneously contemplate the forest canopy below. Hugumbirda, about 21654 hectare, lowers itself east to encompass the Azebo Valley.
Gira Kahsu
The way from Alamata to Korem, locally known as the Gira Kahsu climb, presents amazing scenery where the road climbs up the escarpment at an almost vertical slope, obliging the road to frequently turn almost 180 degrees at short distances and allowing the traveler to experience a sensation of climbing up stairs by a car. The town of Alamata left behind in the rift can be observed all along the traverse. The escarpment is covered by dense planted forest of pine trees and natural bushes and shrubs.             

maichewu Clustor