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  • Artists members of CAT
  • Traditional dancing
  • Tigrai Traditional
  • People of Raya
  • Thlo
  • Cultural Association of Tigrai
  • The Monastery
  • Great stelae
  • Beautiful face
  • traditional art of Tigray
Artists members of CAT

Artists members of CAT

  on showing program       
Traditional dancing

Traditional dancing

 Awris in Temben
 Tigrai Traditional

Tigrai Traditional

playing Game Karsa
People of Raya

People of Raya

  with beautiful & attractive Culture  


The Most Traditional Food Of Agame And klte Awulaelo
Cultural Association of Tigrai

Cultural Association of Tigrai

Restored cross from abroad
The Monastery

The Monastery

of Gunda Gundo
Great stelae

Great stelae

of Aksum  
Beautiful face

Beautiful face

of a tigrian little girl

                   Contribute your role in capacity building of citizens!
A project prepared to support mini Media at schools and children (students)
Brief information about Tigray Cultural Association

  • TCA is a local NGO and was established in 1995
  • Its income is generated from its members and supporters
  • Its head quarters in Mekelle and it will have its branches in all the regions in Ethiopia
  • So far it has over one million members and as of 2012 it will have 1.5 million members who are from the grass roots level

Major Activities

  • Conducted two symposia on Tigrigna language that help for the development of Tigrigna language and published the proceedings.
  • Established the school of fine Arts for the first time which caters students with special interest in music , arts, and theatrical arts Took the initiative to establish conservation and rehabilitation of heritage at mekelle university for capacity building in the field of study (Department) and made moral support.
  •   Restitution of some cultural heritages from abroad
  •  Contributed a big role in Restoration of the monastery of Gundagundo.
  • published different books written by authors and gave recognition to the Artist and introduced prizes to the experts
  • Conducted different researches an language and cultural values that develop the culture
  • Made a significant move in mobilizing students and school communities as a center of cultural development.

Management and Organizational Structure

  • The organization is managed by Board of Directors who are elected at every three years summit.
  • For the development of culture it focuses on students and school communities

Aims of the project

  •  Fulfilling mini media equipment for the 200schools out of 1000 schools (50%) of which do not have mini media
  • Proving school instruments such as exercise books, pens, pencils and uniform for those who are very poor and for the common three years 2/3 (400,000 students) will be supported and 10% (40,000 Students) which who are best scores will be supported.
  • Providing university students with stipend for 2000 students who are best scorers in the universities

Criteria for selection of support

  • 50% of the beneficiaries will be women
  • Students who are top 10 and need support
  • University students whose GPA is above 2.5 and very poor
  • Priority will be given for the school that do not have any mini media equipment
  • Each donor will be given a form and will be posted on our website

Selection process

  • Students will be selected by the committee from parents, teachers and students
  • The donor can select the location can be given by the Association can provide his donation based on the criteria
  • Schools will be selected by Bureau of Education and wereda Administration
  • Budget for the project
  • Elementary schools for one students Birr 300.00 ($16.02)
  • Secondary schools for one students Birr 500.00 ($28.02)University students for one student Birr 1,300.00 ($ 72.87)
  • Mini media for one school Birr 30,000.00($1,682.6)

Benefits of Donors

  • Facilitates the development of the region by strengthen the capacity of the schools
  • By helping the students getting spiritual satisfaction
  • Creating conducive condition for direct communication with the beneficiary schools and students
  • Brief personal profile of the beneficiaries will be recorded and posted on our website